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How has contribution of the various verticals to the top line changed between 2009 and now?
We don’t give out actual numbers, but as I said earlier, the order level is 50 per cent higher than the pre-2009 level.
Most notable part about that is our largest business was selling gas turbine for 2010 and 2011 till the last 18 months
when the industry hit a wall due to the lack of natural gas in the country. So, in a pie chart for top line contribution in
2012 versus 2009, the share of health care and aviation would be up, energy slightly up (with renewable side of the
business doing better than gas turbine business), oil & gas is small but growing, while the financial services side is down.
We see some good opportunity in oil and gas going forward, as GE has made some acquisitions in that space globally.
Interview Courtesy: Mr. Sudipto Dey, Senior Assistant Editor, Outlook Business / Business Standard.