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The Indian truck market is witnessing a renewed thrust by not just traditional players such as Tata Motors, VE
Commercial Vehicles and Ashok Leyland, but also by new players such as Daimler (Bharat-Benz) and MAN and Scania.
M&M and Navistar planned to be present in each of the commercial vehicle segments ranging from 3.5 to 49 ton.
This is not the first time that strategic changes are seen in partnership involving M&M. The company had bought the
stake held by Renault in the car making joint venture Mahindra Renault (MRPL). Prior to that, M&M had exited a
tripartite joint venture involving Renault and Nissan.
MakeMyTrip acquires Hotel Travel Group for $25 million
Nasdaq-listed online travel services firm MakeMyTrip India Pvt. Ltd has acquired the Hotel Travel Group (HT Group) for
$25 million. The online travel Web site HT Group has been operating the Web site for more than a
decade in South-East Asia, and its booking platform offers hotel reservation across the world.
Speaking on the acquisition, Deep Kalra, Founder and CEO,, said: “Access to’s
inventory will help us significantly expand the range of best-value hotel offerings available to Indian customers. The
acquisition will help to build a stronger presence in the South-East Asia region.”
Of the total deal value of $25 million, $15 million was paid in cash. The balance $10 million will be paid in the form of
MMT shares in three annual tranches and will be completed by March 2016, the company said.
Noida based Shiv Nadar University ties up with North Carolina’s Duke Varsity
Duke’s expertise at identifying talent at school level to be deployed here
The Shiv Nadar University has tied up with Duke University of North Carolina to collaborate in research, teaching and
student and faculty exchange programmes.
The alliance envisages bringing in Duke’s expertise up to the school level in identifying talent and upgrading education
systems. A press release from Shiv Nadar University based in Noida said the alliance will pave the way for the two
institutions to partner in academic programmes and experiential learning opportunities for the faculty and students.
They will also work under the aegis of Duke’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) to develop educational activities for
students in India.
Duke University will assist SNU in institutional development including supporting curricula development; faculty
recruitment and development; identifying and implementing best practices in university administration and other forms
of institutional development.
A core team comprising key people from both universities will support the initiatives and assist in the development and
Established in 1980, Duke’s TIP provides resources for gifted elementary, middle and high school students, their parents,
educators, and schools for the development of students’ optimal educational potential. The alliance will provide
assistance to the SNU School of Education to help develop curriculum for the programme.
Duke TIP’s first collaborative program with SNU will take place this February , when the two organizations will co-host a
conference for Indian educators to share best practices to identify, plan curriculum for, and evaluate the learning of
gifted students.