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Kerala Branch
IACC jointly organized U.S. Visa Procedures on December 11, 2012 at Infopark Hall, Kochi
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Kerala branch in association with Infopark-Kochi organized an interactive session
on U.S. Visa Procedures on 11
December, 2012 at the Infopark-Kochi.
The Session was conducted by U.S. Consulate Officers from Chennai Consulate, Ms. Heather M. Smith and Mr. Mark W.
The session covered topics on types of visas, how to approach, issues on rejection and acceptance, how to attend
interviews etc. The Session was attended by members of IACC and Infopark.
During the presentation, Mr. Mark W. Zanolli, said that the US visa applicants will no longer have to wait for hours
outside the consulate, thanks to a new system implemented in Consulate across the country. He also said that the new
Global Support Strategy (GSS) programme that they had implemented succeeded in simplifying the process of applying
for an US visa in India. He explained the different types of visa and the do’s and don’ts when applying for visa and visa
The CEO of Infopark, Mr. Gigo Joseph welcomed the gathering and the Chairman of Indo-American Chamber of
Commerce-Kerala, Dr. Prakash Chandran gave the vote of thanks.
U.S. Consulate, Chennai officials Ms. Heather M. Smith and Mr. Mark W. Zanolli speaking at an interactive program
IACC organized an Interactive session on U.S. Visa on December 06, 2012 at P V Memorial hall, Calicut.
The Session was conducted by Consular Officers from the U.S. Consulate, Chennai, Mr. Gaetan W. Damberg-Ott and Mr.
Benjamin Dembury. In the recent times U.S. Business/Work Visa policies and procedures, that have undergone
immense transformation. Keeping in mind members’ interest, IACC-Kerala organized this session that covered all
aspects concerning US business visa. Participating members were given an opportunity to discuss issues and seek
clarifications in this matter, which they found very useful.
While making his presentation, Mr. Damberg-Ott said that the new Global Support Strategy (GSS) programme, that they
had implemented, succeeded in simplifying the process of applying for an U.S. visa in India. He also said that over 40
percent of the L1 visas and nearly 75 percent of the H1B visas, which are the two main types of work visas given out by
America, went to people from India.