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far below the potential. Likewise, there is potential to enhance US farm exports to India. We need to look at the rapid
growth in India’s farm trade in Asia and draw appropriate pointers on how to accelerate bilateral trade. It is therefore,
important to work on exploring the potential of partnership and bilateral collaboration in agriculture.
Mr. Greg O’Connor stressed the need to modernize farm sector in India. He said the soil and climate of the country was
good enough to facilitate production of diverse agricultural products. But, it needed employment of modern technology
for reaping the maximum advantage.
Agricultural scientists from Banaras Hindu University talked in detail about advancement in agriculture and the
difficulties in the field. In particular, they mentioned improved varieties of rice and wheat. Speaker said that 12 million
persons were employed in the sector but only 10% of them were able to recover the investment as electricity accounted
for a major share (21%) of the total expenditure. They said there were 100 rice mills in the region, fulfilling only one
third of the requirement. They advocated the need for more agriculture research centers, modernized cold storages,
pre-cooling systems and other facilities.
CA Mukul Kumar Shah, Immediate past Chairman, IACC, Varanasi thanked all guests from U.S. Embassy, New Delhi,
senior office bearers of IACC, participants and media persons.
Mr. Debashis Mukherjee, Mr. Puneet Raman, Mr. Bharat Kumar Agrawal, Mr. Raj K. Agrawal, Mr. Arun Kumar Agrawal,
Mr. Adarsh Jhunjhunwal, Mr. Saurabh Shah, Mrs. Anita Dey, Mr. Sahil Garge, Mr. J.P. Mundra, Mr. Niyaz Ahmad, Mr.
Rajesh Kumar Srivastava and others actively participated in the deliberations.
Addressing the audience, Mr. Greg O’Connor, Principal Commercial Officer, US Embassy, New Delhi
(L-R) Mr. Allan P. Mustard, Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, US Embassy, New Delhi and Mr. Greg O’Connor, Principal
Commercial Officer, US Embassy, New Delhi