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West India Council
IACC hosted its 8
‘Breakfast Meeting’ with Mr. Rahul Bose, on the topic of “Leadership – Practical and
Workable Principles of Leadership” on November 21, 2012 at Hotel Marine Plaza, Mumbai
IACC hosted its 9
Breakfast Meeting in Mumbai. In keeping with the tradition of inviting prominent personalities across
various industries and verticals, IACC invited Mr. Rahul Bose who is known for his versatility and achievements as an
actor, director, social activist and an international rugby player. Mr. Bose shared his knowledge with guests on the
subject of “Practical & Workable Principles of Leadership.”
Dr. L.S. Kanodia, Immediate Past President, IACC-WIC introduced Mr. Bose who received a warm welcome. He started
off by talking about his endeavors as a prominent social activist which included his association with numerous
organizations and the establishment of “The Foundation” in which he plays a vital role.
Mr. Bose discussed the qualities and attributes that should be present in an individual who aspires to be a good leader
or would like to become a more effective leader. Mr. Bose cited several examples and case studies to enumerate the
subject. He also discussed his experiences while working in the Andaman and Nicobar islands during the tsunami
He also brought to light, the fact that humanity and compassion are quintessential qualities that make a good leader.
References were made to Adolf Hitler, Barak Obama and Mitt Romney amongst others. The audience enjoyed the
discussion thoroughly and also participated in a very informative Q & A session with Mr. Bose who was more than happy
to debate on the subject. The meeting was concluded and Dr. L.S. Kanodia presented the memento to Mr. Bose.
Mr. Rahul Bose in dialogue and discussion with IACC
Dr. L. S. Kanodia, Immediate Past President, IACC-WIC
presents a memento to Mr. Bose on behalf of IACC