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From the Secretary General’s Desk
Dear Members,
Much is being discussed in the media regarding the India-US Civil Nuclear Deal signed by the two countries and the lack of
its operationalization since the signing. Officials and companies in both countries are now hoping that this landmark
agreement can be translated into a tangible arrangement for finding lasting solutions to India’s energy needs. Admittedly,
the deal can accelerate the flow of investment not alone in the energy sector but also in sectors like auto components,
alternative sources of energy etc. since that signals a calibrated move of India to become an investment destination.
In addition to nuclear and sustainable energy, the Chamber’s focus this year will be in sectors like aerospace and defense,
homeland and cyber security, food processing, intellectual property and trade, education, manufacturing and media &
entertainment. If the discussions at the Resurgence Summit are anything to go by, it is clear that a lot of US interest will be
generated in these segments, especially when the US economy is on a fast recovery path. The Indian economy is expected
to show signs of growth by the middle of the year. That will generate a lot of interest among the Indian entrepreneurs to
look beyond the shores for investment. The US will be their preferred destination for investment.
On behalf of the secretariat, I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year and hope for a continued engagement with
you in 2014. This issue of the Newsletter contains a synoptic view of some important happenings at IACC including a
report on the Indo-US Resurgence Summit held in December in New Delhi. I welcome you to read through it and give your
valuable comments and advise.
With regards,
Atul Vyas, Acting Secretary General