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international space exploration forum we announced earlier today,” State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki told
reporters. “So just important to note that we do have ongoing dialogues on a range of issues and we will schedule the
energy dialogue at the appropriate time,” Psaki said.
This announcement came on a day on which this month’s India trip of US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz was postponed.
Psaki said India and the US have significant collaboration in the field of space exploration. One of the aspects of the Indian
participation is expected to be its attendance in round table on space exploration along with scientists from China, Sweden
and the US, Dr Jean Michel Contant, Secretary General International Academy of Astronautics, said.
Founded in 1960, the president of IAA is now the former ISRO chairman Madhavan G Nair. At a news conference, Prof Jan
Woerner, head of the German Aerospace Center, said that India is a leading space power in the world and praised India’s
success in a short span of time.
“India has its own launching capability and there are only a few countries which have this capability,” Woerner told PTI in
an interview on the eve of this prestigious conference.
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San Francisco, Fremont Trade Missions to India Declared Successful
San Francisco, Calif. Mayor Ed Lee visited a girls’ school in Bangalore on a four-day trade and cultural mission to India. (Mayor’s office photo)
San Francisco, Calif., Mayor Ed Lee led a delegation of 54 business leaders on a seven-day trade mission to Bangalore
beginning. Earlier that month, former Fremont, Calif., former vice mayor Anu Natarajan led a 19-member delegation on a
trade mission to Bangalore, Chennai and Jaipur, beginning Nov. 15. The delegation included new Fremont Vice Mayor
Vinnie Bacon, members of the business community and representatives of Ohlone College (I-W, Nov. 6). Bacon was voted
Dec. 4 as the new vice mayor, taking over from Natarajan, for one year.
“The trip far exceeded what I thought we would get out of it,” Natarajan told India-West after the delegation returned. In
Bangalore, the group met with several entrepreneurs who were excited about creating new partnerships with Fremont
businesses. In Chennai, the group explored relationships between private companies and charitable organizations.
In Jaipur, “the city came all out,” said Natarajan. The Indian American official added that the delegation was greeted
warmly with an elaborate reception featuring Mayor Jyoti Khandelwal. City officials there signed a memorandum of
understanding to participate in Lawrence Berkeley Labs’ “sustainable cities program,” which aims to create greener,
environmentally friendly cities.
Representatives from Ohlone College met with education leaders in all three cities to explore outreach efforts to Indian
students hoping to study in the U.S.