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Ford's investment in India is part of the broader ramp-up of capacity in the Asia Pacific region, with the auto maker set to
open six new plants there in the next two or three years, Mr. Schoch said.
Four factories will come up in China as well as the two in India, he said. The company's bet on the region comes from its
belief that the Asia-Pacific market will become a big driver of growth for the global automotive industry by the turn of the
decade. Ford estimates sales in the region will account for half of global car sales of 109 million vehicles by 2020,
compared with 82 million in 2012.
The auto maker's operations in the Asian-Pacific region and Africa contributed $126 million of Ford's $2.23 billion in pretax
profit from its automotive business in the third quarter.
Mr. Schoch acknowledged that a sluggish Indian economy has damped demand for automobiles in India, but expressed
confidence that sales will rebound in the coming years and Ford would be well-placed to capitalize on that demand
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