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West India Council
IACC in association with Indo-American Society (IAS) organized an Interactive Session on “U.S. Harsh Taxes
Affecting NRIs” on December 23, 2013 at Lincoln Auditorium, Indo-American Society, Mumbai
The speaker for the program Mr. Temo Arjani, Certified Public Accountant, USA advises businesses on both domestic and
international tax matters. He is involved with his clients in corporate, trust and estate tax planning therefore the
discussion covered various aspects of the U.S. tax laws such as when is one required to file Foreign Bank Account reporting
form and what are the implications of disregarding the requirement,
should the individual consider the protection of being
part of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative.
Mr. Arjani also threw some light on the U.S. tax obligations of green card holders and their relatives who may have capital
gains. The attendance for the program was outstanding with representation from various relevant groups like the NRIs,
Relatives of NRIs, NRI Tax Consultants, IACC and IAS Members, and Lawyers etc.
Ms. Rajyalakshmi Rao, 1
Vice-President IACC - West India Council (WIC) delivering the Opening Remarks
(From L-R) Mr. Sanjog Parab, President, Indo-American Society(IAS), Mr. Temo Arjani, Certified Public Accountant, US and Mr. Sunder
Advani, 2
Vice President, IACC-WIC during the presentation of memento.