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Happenings at IACC
West India Council
IACC in association with Nishith Desai Associates organized a program on “International Arbitration” in
IACC along with Nishith Desai Associates organized a program on “International Arbitration”. on October 17, 2014, from
4:30 pm to 6.30 p.m. in the Banquet Hall No. 4 on 2
Floor of Garware Club House, Wankhede Stadium,'D' Road,
Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020.
India and the United States are major players in the world economy, with rapidly growing trade and business relationships
between companies located in far apart regions such as India and Texas. Companies like these, who are doing business
across transnational borders, frequently turn to arbitration to resolve their business disputes. This program provided an
overviewof international arbitration, examine choices to further the company’s objective to keep costs down and avoid
unnecessary delays, and explore strategies for tailoring the process to meet your needs.
The esteemed panellists included Ms. Shashi Patel, Partner, Ware, Jackson, Lee & Chambers, LLP , USA who spoke on
“International Arbitration. Tips forMaximizing the Benefits andManagingDisputes Arisingwith Companies outside India”
and Senior AssociatesMr. Sahil Kanuga and Ms. Shalaka Patil from Nishith Desai Associates who spoke on “International
Arbitration – Past, Present and Future with a Focus on India”. The session was chaired by Mr. Suresh Kotak, Promoter,
KotakMahindra Finance Ltd. Mr. Kotak added to the discussion by giving his very valuable inputs and moderated the Q&A
After attending the program, participants had a better understanding about:
1. Differences between Arbitration, Mediation & Litigation.
2. Characteristics of the Arbitral Process.
3. Advantages of the Arbitral Process.
4. Disadvantages of the Arbitral Process.
5. Essential Considerations in Drafting the Arbitration Clause/Agreement .
6. Enforcement of the Arbitration Agreement.
The session was phenomenal and was very well attended and appreciated by the participants.
Ms. Rajyalakshmi Rao, Regional President, IACC-WIC welcoming the participants and introducing the esteemed speakers at the event.