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guarantees and export credit insurance, to promote the sale of U.S. goods and services abroad. Ninety percent of its
transactions directly serve American small businesses.
In fiscal year 2014, Ex-ImBank approved $20.5 billion in total authorizations. These authorizations supported an estimated
$27.5 billion in U.S. export sales, as well as approximately 164,000 American jobs in communities across the country.
Small business exporters can learn about howEx-ImBank products can empower themto increase foreign sales by clicking
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Wonderful moment in Indo-US ties: US Senator
Timothy Michael "Tim" Kaine, Uni ted States Senator from Vi rginia
Asserting that it is a "wonderful moment" for Indo-US ties, an influential American Senator has said that currently the
opportunities for bilateral cooperation between the two countries are significant. "This India -America moment is a
wonderful one. The opportunities for cooperation are significant," Senator Tim Kaine, who was recently in India, said at
the annual Washington galaof American India Foundation (AIF) last week, attended by who's who of the community from
the US Capital and its neighborhood.
"We came back with such a powerful feeling that this India is," Kaine said at the event, where he was felicitated alongwith
the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Nisha Biswal, for their inspiring leadership and philanthropic
commitment to support AIF's mission to help disadvantaged Indians. Kaine is the current Chairman of the Senate
Subcommittee on the Near East, South and Central Asian Affairs, overseeingAmerican foreign policy in this critical region,
fromMorocco to Bangladesh.
Praising the role of Indian-Americans in nation building and improving bilateral ties between the two countries, Kaine said
the talent pool of the Indian-American communityis so strong and so diverse that if one is just putting together a team on
the aristocracy of merit, this community will be at the forefront. "That is an aspect of life in this country that makes the
Indian-American moment in the relationship between our nations so fruitful right now," Kaine said at the AIF gala.
In all USD 300,000 were raised from the sponsors, donations and from this year's gala pledge drive and silent auction.
Biswal said Indian-Americans have a key role to play in the bilateral India-US relationship. "As the Indian Prime Minister
talks about his agenda for transforming India and his vision for the US-India partnership to be a part of that
transformation, the Indian-American community has a very important role to play," Biswal said.
"Transformation is not just 'G to G' (government to government), it's not about PPPs, (public-private- partnerships). Those
are very important equations - but it is fundamentally also about 'people to people' ties," she said. "The US-India
relationship is not going to reach its full potential until the full potential of our 'people to people' ties is reached," Bi swal