Page 5 - IACC Newsletter March-April 2014 Issue 03

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IACC has been taking regular initiatives in creating newer ideas and approaches for cementing the India -US economic
cooperation. The recently concluded India-US Economic Summit ferreted out many new ideations that can be put to
practice in many areas including energy, tourism, education, manufacturing sector etc. Across our regions, we are
engaging in newer conversations on hot topic issues such as infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, CSR, and inviting
more and more delegations to India.
Significantly, there is anew found enthusiasm in the Indian economic landscape. Many new policy initiatives have been
unveiled. FDI regime is being increasingly liberalized. Newer schemes like Make in India, Digitizing India etc. are being
implemented. The Indian industry has considerable stake in that. To tap that potential, we need state -of-the-art
technologies, huge resources and capabilities. In such things, the US is our natural partner. This message IACC has to take
to the nation through its well -crafted sensitization programs, workshops, and seminars so that we can remain ahead of
others in espousing the cause and importance of the Indo-US economic partnership.
Asoke K. Laha
National President, IACC