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Trade Opportunities with IACC
Trade Opportunity fromUSA
Sr. No.
Business Interest of the Company
Contact details
Simmons Engineering Corporation is USA based
company and has been a supplier of unique blades to
This company is having world class quality in
Manufacturing, innovation in design and product
development and exceptional customer service. They
are currently active primarily in the foam and food
market. Additionally we have capability in the metal
cutting, wood cutting and aerospace industries.
Simmons is seeking distributors for their specialized
band saw blades that are used to cut and fabricate
foam rubber among other things.
Export Business is one of the strategic initiatives of the
company moving forward.
For more details, please visit
Ms. Rakhi Panda
Regional Director, IACC-WIC
Tel: 91-22-22821413
Trade Opportunity fromINDIA
AKP Foundries (P) Ltd is in the business of
Foundry/casting manufacturing and CNC machining
since last 35 years.
Their Exports business is around 30% of sales.
They would like to have a Joint Venture in the product
segment of Pumps and valves
They act as a manufacturing and sales hub for the US
counterpart in the Asia pacific region as well as export
to European countries etc.
Also, they are interested in B2B the construction
equipment and Engine manufacturers so as to explore
the possibility of exports of castings to US
For more details, pleasevisit
Ms. Jitika Narang
Manager Memberships, IACC
(Karnataka Branch)
Tel:91-80-41148325/ 22203366