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The next session on e-Commerce, the Changing Paradigm, was led by
Mr. Sanjay Mehta
, Regional Vice President, IACC &
Managing Director, Teleperformance India. Other high profilepanelists included
Mr. Amarjit Singh Batra
, CEO, OLX South
Mr. Praveen Sinha
, MD & Founder,,
Mr. Nitin Bawankule
, Industry Director, Ecommerce, Local and
Media, Google India,
Mr. Sunil K. Goyal
, CEO, and
Mr. Skand Bhargava
, Lead Analyst, Contact Center
Outsourcing, Everest Group. In the last few years, India had evolved as a market for ecommerce with a large population
becoming increasingly comfortablewith online buying. The speakers talked about how this format empowered the buyers
to not only buy at a lower cost point but to also voice their review for products and services on social media thereby
ensuring instant feedback and influencing buying patterns. However, Indiahad to be evaluated as a collective combination
of smaller regions rather than a whole country so that local culture and economics could be factored in for targeted and
relevant products & services.
Session on e-Commerce, The Changing Paradigm: Driving Consumer Empowerment
Mr Skand Bhargava,
Lead Analyst, Contact Center Outsourcing, Everest Group;
Mr Sunil K Goyal,
CEO,; Mr. Sanjay
Mehta; Dr Lal i t Bhasin;
Mr. Amarjit Singh Batra,
CEO, OLX South Asia;
Mr. Praveen Sinha,
MD & Founder, and
Mr. Nitin
Industry Di rector, Ecommerce, Local and Media, Google India.