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The session on International Trade opened day 2 of the Summit and was led by
Mr. Kamal Meattle
, Past National
President IACC and CEO, Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology, Incubator Park.
Mr. Don Jackson
, Partner,
Ware Jackson Lee & Chambers,
Mr. R. Chandrashekhar
, President NASSCOM,
Mr. Hugo Yon
, ActingMinister Counselor for
Economic, Environment, Science and Technology, US Embassy, and
Mr. Ronen Sen
, Former Indian Ambassador to the US
were the other speakers for this session. The speakers touched upon the significant role of the IT sector in defining the
Indo-US trade relationmaintaining that it was not just the presence of Indian IT companies in the US that was significant
but the presence of US IT companies in India which also had to be re cognized. There was still tremendous scope for
innovation in this sector. They also elicited the importance of start -ups, particularly in the US and the role of Indian
entrepreneurs and stressed on the Indo-US relationship that was enabling job creation in both countries.
Session on International Trade
(L- R) – Mr. Don Jackson,
Partner, Ware Jackson Lee & Chambers;
Mr. Ronen Sen,
Former Indian Ambassador to US;
Mr. Kamal
CEO, Paharpur Business Centre & Software Technology Incubator Park;
Dr Lalit Bhasin
Mr. R Chandrashekhar,
Mr. Hugo Yon,
Acting Minister Counselor for Economic, Envi ronment, Science and Technology, US Embassy;