Page 22 - IACC Newsletter March-April 2014 Issue 03

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Mr. Baljit Sobti
, Managing director, Systems Tek India Pvt. Ltd. led the Hospitality and Tourism session, along with
John McCaslin
, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs, US Embassy,
Mr. Vikram Madhok
, Managing Director,
Abercrombie & Kent India Ltd.,
Mr. Sunder Advani
, CMD, Advani Hotels & Resorts India Pvt. Ltd.,
Mr. Navin Berry
, Chief
Executive, Cross Section Media and
Mrs. Ragini Chopra
, Director, Jetairways as speakers. The speakers echoed some of
the concerns mentioned in the Aviation session regarding non-conducive regulations and policy, along with lack of
connectivity by air and train and heavy taxation that negatively impacted tourism and travel in India. They were hopeful
that the new ‘Visaon arrival’ initiative for all Americans would be a game changer for India and expected a 15% growth in
this sector so that India could realize its capability of handling 15million tourists each year. Mr. McCaslin made a highly
engaging presentation on the promotion of tourismfrom India to the US, the US government’s focus and initiatives in this
area and also the significant amount of revenues this sector contributed to the overall US economy thus giving a very
balanced tone to the overall discussions and adding the vital US perspective.
Session on Hospi tal i ty and Tourism
Mr. Navin Berry ,
Chief Executive, Cross Section Media;
Mr. Sunder Advani
, CMD, Advani Hotels & Resorts India Pvt. Ltd;
John M McCaslin,
Minister Counselor for Commercial Affai rs, US Embassy;
Mr. Baljit Sobti,
Managing Di rector, Systems Tek India Pvt
Mr. Vikram Madhok,
Managing Di rector,
Abercrombie & Kent
India Ltd and
Mrs. Ragini Chopra,
Di rector, Jet ai rways