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Gujarat Branch
Interactive Meeting with the Mr. Thomas L. Vajda, U.S Consul General , US Consulate Mumbai at Hotel
Radisson Blu, Ahmedabad
The Indo – American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), Gujarat Branch, organized an Interactive Meeting with Mr. Thomas L.
Vajda, the Consul General, US Consulate Mumbai on October 17, 2014, at Hotel Radisson Blu, Ahmedabad.
ChairmanMr. Jaimin ShahwelcomedMr. Thomas L. Vajda, Consul General, US Consulate Mumbai and introduced him to
the Council members. Mr. Vajda previously served as the Director of the Middle East Partnership Initiative, a foreign
assistance programsupporting political and economic reform in the MENA region. His service in Washington has been in
the areas of East Asian and Pacific affairs, weapons removal and abatement, and human resources.
There was a discussion on opportunities for trade, investment and economic growth etc. Chairman Mr. Shah briefed CG
that IACC is working for promoting Indo-US business and he also recognized IACC as a key Indian Business partner to USA.
Mr. Vajda gave a brief idea about Select USA programme, International Buyers programme, Delegation from USA to India,
Bank tie-ups for investors in USA, Development on Infrastructure, Hospitality and Education sectors in India and
investment opportunity forUS businessmen. Mr. Vajda also said that many American Companies are interested to invest
in Gujarat, as Gujarat has very positive situations for Industrial Growth.
Ms. Camille Richardson, Principal Commercial Officer, US & Foreign Commercial Service, Mumbai also joined for the
interactive session. The meeting was followed by Hi -tea.
Mr. Jaimin Shah Chai rman, IACC Gujarat Branch welcoming CG Mr. Thomas L. Vajda