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Well, we’re continuing to work with the ISRO. There are a number of different satellites in different bandwidths that
we're looking at; L-band is most prominent for us right now because it will potentially enable us to look at what we call
the shifting of Earth, what causes earthquakes.
[ISRO works both - with your military, your defense departments and they are the civilian space agency. That’s different
from NASA. NASA is, we are the civilian space agency in the United States. We do things that are dual use. So in many
ways, it’s not uncommon on what we do in co-ordination and collaboration with the defence department here in the
United States and what ISRO does in India as the person or the organization’s purview of the military space programme.+
{I agree this is a bit confused and possibly we can delete the highlighted dula use bit part and replace with the asteroid
question now cut to size by me to the same length}
NASA is today focussed on studying asteroids. Can we expect Indo-U.S. collaboration on early detection of “Earth-
threatening” asteroids doesn't become extinct like the dinosaurs?
The ISRO is excited about NASA’s asteroid initiative. What we would like to do cooperatively with India is the
identification and characterisation of as many Earth-threatening asteroids as possible, through ground detectors or
space-borne detectors.
Next is to rendezvous with an Earth-bound asteroid inbound to earth, and to actually either capture it that asteroid so
that we can gradually steer it away.
Do you worry there could be a situation where wars are fought in space?
Yes, anybody would be naive not to be concerned that some nation could become misguided and determined to
militarize outer space.
People always want to know about extra-terrestrial (ET) life. On your four space flights, did you look out of the
window of the Space Shuttle for ET?
Every single flight, I was looking for ET! You’re always hopeful, that you will be able to contribute to answering the
question — are we alone? Or is there life elsewhere in our universe? Which is the age old question for humanity. Or is
there a life elsewhere in our universe,
I would love to be the first to find some evidence of extraterrestrial life, that there is life elsewhere in our universe, but
as of now, there is none yet no evidence of ET though.
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PM Manmohan Singh invites US companies to invest in India
Citing long-term opportunities in sectors like infrastructure and defence, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday
invited US companies to invest in India while asserting that concerns about the country's growth prospects and
economic policy environment are "mistaken".
Seeking to assure the foreign investors, he told US industry leaders that virtually all political parties in India have
supported the process of reforms since 1991 which gives confidence about the future direction of the country's
economic policies.
Singh made the remarks while addressing US CEOs forum soon after his arrival from Washington.