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Tamil Nadu Governor Dr K Rosaiah, who was also present, said the state and central governments' prime agenda was to
provide good healthcare to the rural and urban population. Voluntary and religious organisations and charitable trusts
should extend a helping hand to take the health care to the unreached, Rosaiah said.
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Focus on business ties with U.S.
James Golsen, Commercial Consul of the U.S. Consulate, addressing the gathering
The Malabar Chamber of Commerce and the
jointly organized a seminar on
‘Doing business with USA’ in kerala.
James Golsen, Commercial Consul of the U.S. Consulate, said there was a need to bridge the gap between the small and
medium sized companies in India and that in the U.S.
“The bilateral trade between India and U.S. is growing and has touched 90 billion dollars. It will touch 100 billion dollars
soon. But there is a strong need to bridge the gap between small and medium sized companies in both countries,” he
He assured all assistance from the U.S. consulate in Chennai for Indian business people who want to start or expand
their business in the U.S. David Gainer, Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate, Chennai, addressed the gathering.
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India, US announce establishment of joint working group on Climate Change
"Recognizing that climate change is a defining challenge of our time and that there are mutual benefits to intensifying
cooperation, President Obama and Prime Minister Singh announced the establishment of an India-US Climate Change Working
Group to develop and advance action-oriented cooperation," the joint statement said.
Recognizing climate change as a "defining challenge", India and US have announced the establishment of a joint working
group to develop and enhance action-oriented cooperation in this key sector.
In a joint statement after the summit meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack
Obama, the two leaders jointly announced the group to begin an enhanced dialogue focusing on working closely in
developing an ambitious climate change agreement for the post-2020 period and also on strengthening bilateral efforts
in this regard.