Page 5 - IACC Newsletter August-September 2013 Issue 13

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Attracting FDI into the country in key sectors is critical to permeate the” feel good” factor. Happily, of late, there has
been some marginal improvement in the flow of foreign capital into the country including FDI. This has to be stepped
up. There were some far –reaching reform measures taken recently by the government. But some nagging problems still
persist in the implementation of the policy, such as domestic sourcing in the case of wholesale trade, problems relating
to land acquisition, environmental clearance etc. These irritants should be addressed and ameliorative action taken.
The forthcoming
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December, 2013 to be held in New Delhi, the flag ship event of
IACC is the right forum to take stock of these problems, to discern them and suggest ameliorative measures to
strengthen the economic partnership between India and the US in sectors like infrastructure, manufacturing,
aerospace, financial services and education. We have put together a comprehensive program inviting businessmen,
experts and policy makers from both the countries. We are getting encouraging response. I trust you will make it
convenient to attend the two-day Summit, which not only provides an excellent forum for informed discussions but also
for networking.
I hope to see you all in New Delhi.
Chella K Srinivasan
National President, IACC