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"Emerging markets are going to be my growth sources. In the next three years, I am targeting turnover of USD 5 million
from the Indian market," Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) Marta Prieto told the
The global cosmetics brand will expand its footprints to other parts of the country and open six stores in the next two
years. Going forward, it will open its stores in Mumbai and Bangalore. The company is also looking at introducing colours
and shades developed especially for the Indian consumers in the next six months.
"Our products are perfect for Indian skin. But, we will come out with additional colours made especially for the Indian
markets," Prieto added. Explaining the reason why the company entered into the Indian market, Prieto said: "For any
brand, that wants to succeed in emerging markets, if they don't have India on their plans, it is not a good strategy. In the
next three years, India will be the fourth largest country from the emerging markets for the company," Prieto added.
"I have entered India market even before we could enter other developed countries such as Italy," she added.
Biggest emerging market for the company, at present, is Middle East region where it forayed more than ten years ago
with annual turnover of around USD 10 million. At present, the company offers its full range of cosmetics (about 950
products) to the Indian customers.
Bobbi Brown was founded in 1991 by American entrepreneur and make-up artist Bobbi Brown. Estee Lauder acquired
the brand in 1995. Bobbi Brown products are available in more than 60 countries.
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DuPont opens application development centre
ADC will focus on integrating advanced material science with other scientific disciplines for automotive industry
US-based science and engineering company DuPont has opened anapplication development centre (ADC) at the DuPont
Knowledge Centre (DKC)
The ADC will focus on integrating advanced material science with other scientific disciplines for the automotive industry,
enabling solutions for light-weighting, engine performance, comfort and safety.
These capabilities also are relevant to other industries such as railways, electrical / electronic components, food
processing, agriculture, irrigation, textile and many more, DuPont stated in a release
The ADC houses thermoplastic and elastomer processing and testing equipment and leverages existing analytic
equipment shared with several DuPont science disciplines. It complements the manufacturing facilities in Savli, Gujarat,
and the DuPont India Innovation Centre in Pune.
“The integration of scientific disciplines in advanced materials, such as high-performance polymers and elastomers, are
critical to developing cost-effective and sustainable solutions to some of the big challenges that our company is focusing
on, for example, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels,” said DuPont performance polymers president, Diane H
According to DuPont South Asia and Asean president Rajeev A Vaidya, the new facility is connected to the global DuPont
community of 10,000 scientists and engineers around the world, thus connecting its global science capability to local
market needs.
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